Sherry G. Lundberg, M.S., LPC

Common Reasons for Seeking Counseling
 A person experiences some degree of unhappiness which may or may not include a feeling of depression.
 Someone feels anxious but doesn't know why.
 A person has had a profound loss such as death of someone near and dear or the disturbing loss of a job or a home.
 There may be a feeling of disappointment with oneself, a belief that there must be more to life.
 Someone else may realize that they are sabotaging themselves in self-defeating   ways.
 A person has on-going difficulties with people at work and these difficulties adversely affect job performance.
 Feelings of guilt may cause distress in a person’s life.
 A family notices they argue so much that the overall happiness of the family is compromised.
 An individual is excessively preoccupied or obsessed with a particular person or activity or thought.
 A person who appears to have everything feels that their life is missing something and they don’t know what.
 A teenager is having difficulties that interfere with school work and family life.    Parents worry about peer groups and outside influences.
 A teenager seems either angry all the time or very sad and withdrawn.
 A person may wonder if there is psychological abuse in their relationship.  
Contact with Sherry G. Lundberg by phone or email does not constitute a therapeutic relationship.  A therapeutic relationship is established by mutual agreement during a face-to-face meeting.

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